<aside> ℹ️ This page is for Professionals using CareerVillage to provide career advice to Learners in order to fulfill volunteer hours. For information regarding other forms of volunteering with us (such as pro-bono projects) please refer to **this page.**


All volunteers are welcome to request verification of their service to Learners on CareerVillage.org. (We highly value the contributions of ALL Professionals in the CareerVillage community, but most do not request credit.) CareerVillage maintains a community of passionate volunteers who are excited to make an impact on Students. If desired, CareerVillage.org can validate volunteer service intended to fulfill a service requirement for an outside entity.

In order to ensure that Learners continue to receive top-quality career advice, we require that volunteers read and agree to some basic conditions before deciding that CareerVillage.org is the right place to fulfill such a requirement.

Professionals should follow the steps below:

#1 — CareerVillage Service Hours Policy

#2 — FAQ & Things to Note

#3 — Sign Up on CareerVillage.org

#4 — Submit Your Intent to Earn Credit

#6 — Request Documentation

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